Connecting Rods

Magal Tech offers fractured split conrods to modern internal combustion engine’s engineering specification from the manufacturing facility located in Chennai India with both Hot Forged and Sintered Forgings.

Magal Tech manufacture conrods with automated and semi-automated machining and assembly lines equipped with modern Robots that are able to machine and finish both sintered and forged steel con rods with a capacity of 3.0 Million con rods per annum. Special processes are designed and installed to meet the higher specification limits set by the Engine/ Vehicle manufacturers to achieve emissions norms . The Conrod grading facility is uniquely designed with Robots and is offering conrods of high standards

Magal Tech is supporting the requirements of Conrods for K.G.Mobility
(Ssangyang Motors) Korea, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and Ford Motor Corporation.



Magal Tech offers Temperature Controlling devises for the engine and Oil cooling systems for Automotive and Non-Automotive applications from its integrated manufacturing facility in India .

Magal Tech’s in-house Design and Development team offers designing , full-fledged testing and validation of Temperature controlling devises such as Thermostats, Tempertaure Valves and related parts

The manufacturing facilities includes Power Element manufacturing with advanced Robots , precision stamping with in-house developed progressive press tools and assembly and welding processes. The facility offers contemporary manufacturing processes satisfying the ever changing needs of the Customers

Magal Tech Domestic Customers for Thermostats includes : M&M, TATA, Ashok Leyland , Cummins Simpson, Renault (for Tier 1), Greaves, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Escorts, John Deere, Same, and CNH.The Overseas Customers include K.G.Mobility, (Ssangyang Motors) Korea, Bam Engineering in UK



The Facility including precision machining centres to machine and test the Exhaust manifolds for light commercial vehicles

Unique machining process is in place for the machining and leak testing of Exhaust Manifolds for Nissan Mini Commercial vehicles and being supplied to Ashok Leyland Limited



Magal Tech offers a large and comprehensive range of spare wheel change equipment including Jacks, and toolkits

At Magal Tech , Scissor Jacks are designed, tested and Validated as per the Vehicle Manufacturer’s specifications and requirements and homologation requirements of Lifting Equipments for Automobiles

The manufacturing facility includes Press Shop with wide range of Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses, Assembly Lines with SPMs and image processing for quality control and inspection .

At Magal Tech, we manufacture and supply Jacks to Jaguar Land Rover –UK and Ford-India


Aerospace Industrial & Defence(AID)

The experience in the automotive industry, and ably supported by the experience and strength in manufacturing technology, Magal Tech is diversified into Aerospace, Industrial & Defence segment for offering highly critical technical solutions for complex problems . The ISO 9000D certified , AID Division is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipments and the dream of entry in to Aerospace is achieved by the high skilled manpower and dedicated Engineers of Magal Tech

Aerospace Division Capabilities :

-Lean Manufacturing Processes

-Efficient Supply Chain Management

-High Precision machining turning, honing and grinding

-Precision machining with Kovar, Stainless Steel, Inconel ,Copper, Aluminium materials

-Pressings/ Stampings with Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses

-Precision Assemblies

Special Processes – Co2 Welding , TIG Welding , Projection Welding , Spot Welding, Capacity Discharge Welding

Testing and Validations with custom built test rigs


-Verical Milling Machines with 3Axis, 4Axis and 5Axis

Horizontal Machining centres

Turn Mill centres

Turning Centres

Honing Machines

Power Presses & Hydraulic Presses – capacities ranging from 80T to 400T

Welding machines-Tig, Mig, Co2

Brands :

DMG, Hitachi Seiki, Makino, Haas, AMS, LMW, Pride

Metrology Lab:

-Auto Coordinating Measuring Machines

-Contour Measuring Machine

-Roundness Tester

-Surface Roughness Tester

-Profile Projectors

-Linear Height Gauges



-Spring Load Tester

-Hardness Tester

-Video Measuring Systems


-Millipore Testing


Zeiss, Renishaw, Mitutoyo, Baty , Hexagon.